What does QC stand for?

Do you know what does QC mean? From the following table, you can find out all definitions of QC.

Acronym Definition
QC Quad Cane
QC Quad Center
QC Quad Cities
QC QuakeC
QC Qualcomm Incorporated
QC Qualifying Capacity
QC Quality Carriers
QC Quality Center
QC Quality Checking
QC Quality Circle
QC Quality Conference
QC Quality Control
QC Quality of Conformance
QC Quantum Cascade
QC Quantum Computation
QC Quantum Counter
QC Quantum Cryptography
QC Quarter Column
QC Quarter of Coverage
QC Quarternary Center
QC Quartz Composer
QC Quartz Crystal
QC Quasi-Cyclic
QC Quebec Central
QC Quebec City
QC Queen City
QC Queen Creek
QC Queen's College
QC Queen's Counsel
QC Queens College
QC Questionable Content
QC Quezon City
QC Quick Capture
QC Quick Change
QC Quick Connect
QC Quick-Change
QC Quickly Completed
QC Quickmaile Chainmaile
QC Quiet Channel
QC Quiet Chuckle
QC Quietcomfort
QC Quorum Consensus
QC Quota Certificate
QC Qu├ębec
QC Qwest Corporation