What does QP stand for?

Do you know what does QP mean? From the following table, you can find out all definitions of QP.

Acronym Definition
QP Qatar Petroleum
QP Quadratic Programming
QP Qualificação Profissional
QP Qualified Person
QP Qualifying Paper
QP Quality Park
QP Quality Plan
QP Quality Point
QP Quality Policy
QP Quality Procedure
QP Quality Product
QP Quality Progress
QP Quality and Planning Program Office
QP Quanti-Pirquet Reaction
QP Quantization Parameter
QP Quantizer Parameter
QP Quanto Product
QP Quantum Physics
QP Quantum Placet
QP Quarter Plane
QP Quarter Pound
QP Quattro Pro
QP Queen's Pawn
QP Query Person
QP Query Processor
QP Question Period
QP Quotational Period
QP Quoted-Printable
QP Quartz/Phenolic