What does QS stand for?

Do you know what does QS mean? From the following table, you can find out all definitions of QS.

Acronym Definition
QS Body Heat Storage Index
QS Quacquarelli Symonds
QS Quadratic Sieve
QS Qualification Sample
QS Qualitative State
QS Quality Scalability
QS Quality Service
QS Quality Standard
QS Quality Start
QS Quality Starts
QS Quality System
QS Qualitätssicherung
QS Quantity Spilled
QS Quantity Sufficient
QS Quantity Surveyor
QS Quantum Sufficiat
QS Quantum Sufficit
QS Quarter Session
QS Quarternary Structure
QS Quartersawn
QS Quasi-Static
QS Quasi-Synchronous
QS Queen Scout
QS Queens Surface
QS Quick Scope
QS Quick Shift
QS Quick Start
QS Quick Strike
QS QuickStack
QS Quickbooks Specialist
QS Quicksilver
QS QuikSilver Inc
QS Quit Smoking
QS Quorum Sensing
QS Quota Sample
QS Quota Share
QS Quota Source
QS Québec Secours
QS Québec Solidaire
QS quality surveillance