What does QY stand for?

Do you know what does QY mean? From the following table, you can find out all definitions of QY.

Acronym Definition
QY Parcel Post Authorized Delivery
QY Quality
QY Quality Neighborhoods Team
QY Quantitative
QY Quantity
QY Quantum Yield
QY Query
QY Quick Notice Transportation
QY Quint Networking Technology
QY Quintquintuple
QY Cardiac Output
QY Charge
QY Constant Phase Element
QY Drone
QY Glutamine
QY Long Chromosomal Arm
QY Major Boothroyd
QY Name Of Alien Character
QY Parcel Post
QY Priority Rating Given To Pws
QY Q Code
QY Quadrature
QY Quadrillion Btu
QY Quake
QY Quaker State
QY Qualifiedqualifying
QY Quality Factor
QY Quality Measurement Of A Tuned Circuit In Electronics
QY Quaque
QY Quarter
QY Quarterly
QY Quartermaster
QY Quebec
QY Queen
QY Queensland
QY Question
QY Questionable
QY Quetzalcoatl
QY Queue
QY Quick
QY Quintal
QY Quit
QY Quiz
QY Quran
QY Qwest Communications International Inc
QY Resonance
QY Second Heartbeat Wave
QY Set Of Rational Numbers
QY Squall
QY Stream Flow Or Discharge
QY Torque
QY Transistor
QY Unit Of Dynamic Pressure
QY Unknown Variable
QY Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
QY Us Dot Tire Speed Rating